NO SOcial Networking

NOSO is a real-world platform for temporary disengagement from social networking environments. The NOSO experience offers a unique opportunity to create NO Connections by scheduling NO Events with other NO Friends. These 'NO' events, called NOSOs, take place in designated cafes, parks, libraries, bookstores, and other public spaces. Participants -- whose identities remain unknown to one another -- agree to arrive at an assigned time and remain alone, quiet and un-connected, while at the same time knowing that another 'Friend' is present in the space. NOSOs are scheduled by users through the NOSO website. They last for a duration of 1 - 30 minutes, after which participants disperse and return to their regular activities.

NOSO is produced by Glowlab's Christina Ray as a commissioned project for the ongoing SoEx Off-Site, Southern Exposure's yearlong series of public art and related programs investigating artists' strategies for exploring and mapping public space. For NOSO, Ray has invited artistic collaborator Kurt Bigenho to participate in the development of the project. Ray and Bigenho work together as The Organizers, and recently produced The Sams for Fountain Miami.