50,000 Beds opening July 20, 21, 22
Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga:

Question: What happens when you turn forty-five video artists loose in forty-five hotel rooms across the State of Connecticut? Answer: the exhibition 50,000 Beds. Organized by artist Chris Doyle, 50,000 Beds commissioned 45 new video works to be exhibited in specially designed "multi-screen" galleries at three venues: Artspace (opening July 20th), Real Art Ways (opening July 21st) and The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (opening July 22). The exhibition focuses on the hotel room as a site filled with narrative potential. Familiar yet foreign, a hotel room combines experiences of both intimacy and anonymity. The short videos will show a diverse range of artistic responses and themes. Amongst participating artists are Marina Zurkow, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Eve Sussman, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, Nina Katchadourian and many more. For details on the exhibition go to: http://www.50000beds.net/