Kiln by Philippe Faujas


French-born, Barcelona-based sound designer and artist, Philippe Faujas presents Kiln, a multi-form sound artwork presented as downloadable software, online flash composition and presumably as a physical installation (?), composed with sounds from, where selected cycles of audio interspersed with silence, play back from multiple speakers in a darkened room with concert seating. The sounds are all creative commons licensed. Included are:

Derek Holzer (Binaural Tunnel Study, Binaural rainstorm, Seto song) * Yannick Dauby (Bats-Echolocation) * Planktone (Industry 2, Windmill) * Cedric Peyronnet (Fences And Wind) * Dallas Simpson (Binaural Environmental) * Nick Mariette (Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Binaural) * John Tenny (Desert Wind In The Hall) [via Sonic Surrounds]