le catalogue: The catalogue contains representations of objects and installations realized between 1990 and 1996. These representations are gradually deteriorated by the users of the catalogue. The single fact of consulting a catalogue’s page adds a double stripe in the form of a cross. The combination of the observation’s time and the observer’s point of view modifies the observed object and transforms it gradually into an abstracted image. Observed objects become sets of observers marks.

le catalogue is part of Yann Le Guennec’s DATAPAINTING.COM: “Painting with data, data as input, pictures as output. Each picture is a dynamic composition which results from a program activated by a user. In programs, some parameters vary randomly or according to data suitable for the moment and the socio-technical context in which the picture generation takes place. Each picture is thus a representation in the field of possibles ones created by the code and the spectator. Each image is then an element of infinite and disordered series.