Nina Sobell in Location One's Residency Program

Starting in September 2007, artist Nina Sobell will represent the us of a in Location One's international residency program.

Sobell is a pioneer of new media: she has been experimenting with video, computers, and high-tech brainwave technology to create art for over 30 years. She is also a pioneer of web performance: in 1994 as an artist in residence at NYU Center for Advanced Technology, she used a telerobotic webcam to create weekly interactive performances.

She has been interested in interactivity almost since the inception of her career: the role of the audience is always a fundamental part of each piece; in fact Sobell often considers the audience her "collaborators". Her "web seances" connected two people in remote locations via the internet, each fitted with electrodes and brainwave detectors, and the resulting waves of their combined brain activity generated images and drawings.

Nina's work may seem a contradiction in that it often utilizes the instruments and equipment of science, but is in fact, deeply human and fundamentally about non-verbal communication and intuition among humans. in other words, she uses technology that is usually used for very specific diagnostic "non-intuitive" physiological responses to map "aesthetic" experiences among humans.

She came to speak with us about her work in 2006 for an *IMHO* talk.

We're thrilled she's going to be joining us. For more information about Nina and her work, visit