Minsk 606

So I’ve been doing some YouTube video remixes as sketches for this Turbulence project I have coming up. And I did this ‘Minsk 606′ piece this morning, as a response to Olia’s post over at NastyNets.

I used to run this list called Macrosound, and on the list the Evolution Control Committee once explained how their infamous track, and possibly the first ‘mashup’ ever was a perfect mix, how they took the Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Band track and the Public Enemy acapella and laid one on top of the other without changing tempo or pitch or anything, and it worked like mashup-magic! I had that same kind of magical experience with the Minsk 606 piece today, the YouTube video and the Kid 606 track were exactly the same length and the dancing n beats are almost perfect tempos!