Community recommendations for Commissions
Lauren Cornell:

Dear Rhizomers,

Last year, during our 2006-07 Commissions cycle, we had some productive conversations on this list about how the process could be altered to benefit the applicants and voting members. Some of the suggestions that arose here were integrated into this year's cycle, and I wanted to report back to you about them.

For the first time, we are offering a commission to a 'Community Project' that is geared towards enhancing the communication, participation or experience of the site. We feel this is a way for the community to participate in the its own structure, and we look forward to seeing what ideas come in! We have also increased the number of commissions the Member vote awards, up from one to three, bringing the jury to member ratio to 8:3.

Another issue that arose last year was participants feeling like their works were being judged by the written descriptions, and not by their actual websites. To offset this, we shortened the possible text on the submission page, and put a voting tool on the actual website.

We have outlined the entire process clearly on our Submissions and Voting Procedures page:

For all those who contributed to the discussion, thank you! We look forward to this year's cycle.

All the best, Lauren

Executive Director Rhizome at the New Museum