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The Scalable City by Sheldon Brown

The Scalable City: An Artist's Presentation by Sheldon Brown :: 4:30 P.M., Wednesday, 7 February 2007 :: Seminar-Room, Sarai-CSDS, 29, Rajpur Road, Civil Lines.

Sheldon Brown, Director of the Center of Research in Computing and the Arts and Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California San Diego, will discuss and demonstrate his current project - The Scalable City. The Scalable City is an interactive extrapolation of the cultural condition arising from the interaction of users, data and algorithms. As our world becomes increasingly characterized by this equation, we find ourselves inhabiting the artifacts of these relationships. The Scalable City generates its urban environment via the choreography of these artifacts.

Brown's work in general examines the relationships between mediated and physical experiences. This work often exists across a range of public realms.

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