Mader Stublic Wiermann
I first encountered the work of Mader Stublic Wiermann when Alexander Stublic did a talk at the MediaArchitecture Conference earlier this year. He presented four projects by the group in different technical environments focusing on correlations of space by extending and transforming architectural structures. I won’t cover the entire scope of their work here but their website has more detailed descriptions of what they’ve been up to in recent years. Below was one project in particular that I like as it starts to transform the rigid structure of an architecture into a dynamic fluid skin.

The exterior of the Uniqa Tower in Vienna has been equipped with a LED-grid, a wide-meshed net of picture elements capable of receiving video-data, which are fitted into the building's facade. At first, the electronic data corresponds to the architectural structure of the tower, but during the course of its choreography, repeatedly detaches itself from the concrete shape of the building, establishing new spaces which dynamically interweave.