Neural Issue 28


Neural Issue 28, winter 2007:: Subscribe now (and get a free dvd “Mediaterrae vol.1 - Irpinia Electronic Landscape“) or buy it from the closest store. A back issues pack is available. Free: centerfold ‘Muon’ by Chris O’Shea.

new media art: interviews: Florian Cramer interviews Jodi, “For us it’s not an error”; Casey Reas; Glitch explained by Olga Goriounova and Alexei Shulgin; Ant Scott/Beflix; ICC Open Space 2007; news: Morpho Towers, Spamland, The Word’s slowest Instant Messenger, Spy Box, Bloomsday On Twitter; reviews: books/dvd/cd-rom: Gost Storeys, New Media Art, Materializing New Media, Lebensfrische, Monkey_Party.

emusic: Ryoiji Ikeda enexpected errors in Cyclo; Jens Brand interview; news: Uokand (Tapelake), Cut Chemist video scratching the audience, OSCulator, EarthSpeaker, Ex Pharao; reviews: books/dvd/cd+: John Dunca Work 1975-2005, The Topography Of Chance, Elffriede Soundrawing, Camera Lucida, Municipal 44; cd reviews: Andrey Kiritchenko, Merzbow, The Hafler Trio, Yoshio Machida, Test Dept., Quio, Luc Ferrari, Frank Bretschneider, Less-Lethal vol.1, The @C & Vitor Joaquim, Burkhard Stangl / Taku Unami, Mem1, Dunaewsky69, Keene, Minimalismo Italiano, Silicon Scally, Beautiful Schizophonic, The Missing Ensemble, Annea Lockwood, Andy Vaz.

hacktivism: Sebastian Luetgert, the Art of Challenging Copyright; Perry Hoberman, Infringement Series; An Education and Labor Dispatch by Trebor Scholz; news: Interception, Terminal Air, OpeSourceCinema, Dialstation, Missing Persons; reviews: books/dvd/cd-rom: Privacy On The Line, Gamer Theory, Abstract Hacktivism, From Counterculture to Cyberculture, The Class of the New.