new Treewave Software

I’m working on new software for Tree Wave that is designed to create abstract remixes. It is a software sampler that loops portions a very large source sample, usually an entire song or songs, and allows many layers of loops to be played simultaneously. There is a performance mode and soon, a sequencer mode. It can be used with any source sample, but I’ve found that the aesthetics of contemporary Christian music work best for what I’m trying to do (more on this later…) Eventually it’ll also include a simple drum machine.

It incorporates a random generator to aid finding interesting loop points in a long sample. And it is designed with the idea that loops don’t need any relation to the original sample’s tempo as long as the loop lengths all fit a consistent tempo.

example sound output MP3 — source sample: Casting Crowns East to West

tech: Win32 app written in C++ using MinGW and the SDL library. Display is all text-based and input is all keyboard. Code should be reasonably portable.

update: I updated the screenshot. The program and sequencer are fully working now. I’m doing a remix for a band with it. I’ll post the program on my site when I get a few more bugs out and write up a basic manual