New Issue of Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
JOAAP #15 Cover


From the editors at JOAAP:

Issue #5 of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
now available!!!


1. Issue #5 release! On Speech and talking
2. Upcoming Atlas of Radical Cartography- Journal Press book

Our fifth print issue is a 122 page book edited by Cara Baldwin, Marc Herbst and Christina Ulke. It was designed by Jessica Fleischmann and contains a section of color photos!

From the forward:

'Arguably, today the act of social networking is commodified more visibly and materially than ever before... This commodification shoudn't hinder us to work in relationship to one another and in a social and political context. Social memory with a sense of history and political demands seems to have undergone an accelerated and profound erasure. This rapid memory loss is facilitated by media consolidation and the plundering of public education programs to fund global mercenary actions.'

With this issue, we look at how cultural production (in art, music, speech, writing, interventions, video, and everyday life) attempt to create culturally based alternatives to oppression and war. Within the context of community and grassroots movements creating meaning for their participants and for broader society, again The Journal looks for ways to create counter-narratives and progressive social movements from the bottom up. From the bottom up- often meaning from a position of people having to do-it-themselves (outside traditional governmental or cultural institutions). This act involves trying to remember shared history, discuss potentially shared values, perform immediately shared ideals, and publicly debate or interrupt suspect truths, and on how it is to be together.

This issue is a collection of transcripts, performance transcripts, speeches, analytical essays, campaign critiques, interviews, email conversations and projects. We are not only presenting critical theory, we are also present to you documents and voices for you to critically investigate.

To order a copy, contact editors(at)joaap(dot)org.
Copies will be mailed in early September 2007.
Online version is available here.