Line by Andrew Neuman


Andrew Neuman is an artist whose sculptural work:

deals with issues concerning the uses of technology, language, and transmission of power in both its various corporeal and elusive modes. These works, what I call “Constructures”, re-contextualize the technologically derived icons and place them in a new environment that allows one to question their original use and see the possibilities of organizing these icons/objects, into a new language with a completely re-defined hierarchy.

Not work that seems to have any particular focus on networks as such but using computer parts that look as if they have been stripped from rescued computers (can’t say whether they have or not), mostly creating sculptures which have elements which move horizontally or vertically to pan cameras across something these works seem to have a single purpose which render them beautiful. Line (image above and below) is particularly interesting employing multiple cameras and monitors in a networked configuration, five cameras mounted on slowly panning constructions, each videoing a different type of line are networked to five monitors placed side by side to compose a single new line from the original five.

Line videos

This is yet another work employing networks and lines in different ways, for more see the previous posts on and Liners.