David Lu - Computational Drawings
David Lu - computational drawings

David Lu's computational art is marked by linear geometric & abstract forms in natural & muted colour palettes. Fine lines build up organic shapes, sometimes in multiform the shapes appear to take on the form of small organisms, microscopic computational bacterium, tiny flagellum or crystals. Produced in C# and Processing they provide a nice counterpoint to his hand draw work which appropriately accommodates a set of similar colour palettes and appreciation of space and composition with a refreshing quirky style. David studied at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy where, among other things, he experimented and explored microcontroller programmed physical interfaces. His documentation of sketches produced during that time is well worth perusal

'I write software to help create drawings. I am interested in evoking imagined, otherworldly structures in my work. My software produces visual results that are not purely generative, but rather semi-automatic: a human input is required,' David says in his artist statement at Computational Drawings.