Stephanie Syjuco

Stephanie Syjuco, Everything Must Go (Grey Market) 2006

digital prints, foamboard, paper, tape, foam; dimensions variable

[....] What appears to be a large flea market sale of used car stereos, small electronic equipment, and other goods is, upon closer inspection, an installation consisting of digital prints cut and folded to create individual box shapes and flat-front objects, and papered with images of �actual� electronics. The original images are gathered from online vendor sites such as Ebay and craigslist (another source of illicit selling), and the snapshots people take of their items are downloaded and manipulated to �fit� onto a lifesize paper model of the object. Since most images begin as low-resolution jpgs, blowing them up to �actual� size creates a visual distortion of sorts.

Stolen electronic goods can be found littering most flea markets, and in this particular work, the images I use create a second level of �stealing�. Issues of bootlegging, counterfeiting, and copyright in the digital age are addressed in this work.