[The Public Sound Project]

  • Metropolis Biennalen - Workshops 2007 - Glowlab (Jessica Thompson)
    The Public Sound Project: Bike Hack Workshop and Soundride
  • The Public Sound Project is a series of collaborative interventions that begin in the workshop and end on the street. Through a series of workshops, participants work collaboratively to create simple sonic experiments and interventions to take place in public space.

    For Thinking Metropolis Lab, Glowlab collaborating artist Jessica Thompson will present a Public Sound Project workshop based on a previous event in 2005 as part of the exhibition Glowlab: Open Lab at Art Interactive, in Cambridge, MA. During the show, she facilitated a popular and engaging workshop where participants constructed bicycle-mounted noisemakers made of contact microphones, playing cards, and mini amplifiers. The participants then mounted the devices to their bicycles and joined Thompson in a mobile sound performance.

    For Thinking Metropolis Lab, Thompson will teach participants to build devices for their own bicycles and then lead them in a group ride in the surrounding neighbourhood to explore the area and activate the space with sound.

    About the Artist

    Jessica Thompson is a Canadian new media artist. Her mobile sound pieces explore sound pieces parallels between physical location, psychological space, game playing and public performance within urban environment.

    About Glowlab

    Glowlab produces and presents experimental art and technology exploring the nature of cities. Founded in 2002 as an independent curatorial project of Brooklyn-based artist and curator Christina Ray, we track emerging approaches to psychogeography, the creative investigation of the physical and psychological landscape of cities [....]