Blog (Mine) at artMovingProjects in May
Zoe Sheehan Saldana

BLOG 400p

Next month artMovingProjects gallery in Brooklyn exhibits my blog. I'm in the project space; Zoe Sheehan Saldana appears in the main gallery with "an edition of 96 tobacco seedlings (Nicotiana tabacum Burley) under indoor lights," per the press release. More:

For the first time a blog is shown in a gallery space. Tom Moody has been posting art, music, animation, art criticism, political commentary, and found internet art on his blog at since Feb 2001. For this exhibition artMovingProjects will present his blog as a performance work. During gallery hours a computer terminal in the project space will be dedicated to whatever Moody posts. A mouse and keyboard will also be supplied if viewers want to leave a comment. Anything can happen, and anything can be said. This is an experiment in total freedom.
Opening May 19. More as the date approaches.