Networked Nature at Warehouse Gallery, Syracuse, NY

Marisa Olson:

17 April-14 July 2007
The Warehouse Gallery, Syracuse, New York

*New exhibition uses innovative technology to combine art, science and politics*
Artists : C5, Futurefarmers, Shih Chieh Huang, Philip Ross, Stephen Vitiello, Gail Wight
Lecture : 18 April, Wed 5:30-7:30pm.
Marisa Olson, Curator + Lauren Cornell, Executive Director, Rhizome @ Kittredge Auditorium, HBC, Syracuse University

Bits + Bytes Reception : 19 April, Thu 5-8pm
@ THE WAREHOUSE GALLERY, 350 W. Fayette St. Syracuse, NY 13202

The Warehouse Gallery presents Networked Nature, a group exhibition that inventively explores the meaning and representation of 'nature,' from the perspective of networked culture. The featured works employ various scientific processes and locative media, such as global positioning systems (GPS) and robotics, and take the form of installations, video, and sound art. Together, they make new contributions to the discourses of extant genres, such as sculpture, earth works, and landscape imagery, while also demonstrating the scientific beauty and complexity of electronic and digital art.

[....] Networked Nature, organized by Marisa Olson, editor and curator for Rhizome, premiered at Foxy Production in New York City and was expanded for The Warehouse Gallery in Syracuse.