Wifi-Liberator: Tactical Toolkit to Liberate Pay-Per-Use Wireless Nodes

Here's some information on version 1.0 of "Wifi-Liberator", a new project I am launching that fits into the larger theme of "parastic network objects" I've been working on, including my "Forward Compatible" project that turns any wireless access point into a modem.

"Wifi-Liberator" is an open-source toolkit for a laptop computer that enables its user to "liberate" pay-per-use wireless networks and create a free, open node that anyone can connect to for Internet access. The project is presented as a challenge to existing corporate or "locked" private wireless nodes to encourage the proliferation of free networks and connectivity across the planet. The project was inspired by the ongoing "battle" between providers broadcasting wireless signals in public spaces, in particular: corporate entities, wireless community groups, individual users, and proponents of open networks. Like my "Wifi-Hog" project, the Wifi-Liberator critically examines the tensions between providers trying to profit from the increasingly minimal costs associated with setting up a public network and casual users who simply want to see the Internet transform into another "public utility" and become as ubiquitous and free as the air we breathe. The project critically examines existing pay-per-use wireless networks as often found in airports, other public terminals, hotels, global-chain coffee shops, and other public waiting points.

NOTE: The project only allows a person to connect to the Internet if they SHARE their connection, thus stopping people from using the Liberator to "leech" the connection only for themselves.