8 BIT: world premiere at Moma
marcin ramocki:


a documentary about art and video games
Premiering October 7th in New York at the Museum of Modern Art (8 pm)
(212) 708-9400 11 West 53 Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, New York, NY.
Second screening: Wednesday, Oct 11, 8.30pm

Marcin Ramocki – Director/Original Concept

Justin Strawhand - Producer/Co-Director

organized by Barbara London

poster design by Eboy

Cory Arcangel, Isabelle Arvers, Bit Shifter, Bodenstandig 2000, Bubblyfish, Mary Flanagan, Alex Galloway, Gameboyzz Orchestra, GLOMAG, Rachel Green, Ed Halter, Paul Johnson, John Klima, Johan Kotlinski,Nullsleep, Joe McKay, Tom Moody, Christiane Paul, Akiko Sakaizumi, Eddo Stern, teamtendo,Treewave, Carlo Zanni + additional artwork by Chiaki, Jodi, John Simon, Velvet Strike and many more.

8 BIT is a hybrid documentary examining the influence of video games on contemporary culture. A mélange of a rocumentary, art expose and a culture-critical investigation, 8 BIT ties together seemingly disconnected phenomena like the 80’s demo scene, chiptune music and contemporary artists using machinima and modified games. Produced in NYC, LA, Paris and Tokyo, 8 BIT brings a global perspective on the new artistic approaches of the DIY generation which grew up playing Atari and Commodore 64.

Some of the artists featured in 8 BIT include Cory Arcangel, BIT SHIFTER, Bodenstandig 2000, Bubblyfish, Mary Flanagan, Alex Galloway, Glomag, Paul Johnson, John Klima, Johan Kotlinski, Nullsleep, Joe McKay, Tom Moody, Akiko Sakaizumi, Eddo Stern, TEAMTENDO, Treewave and Carlo Zanni. With the help of media critic Ed Halter and new media curator and writer Christiane Paul, these very recent artistic strategies are put in the historical context of modernist and postmodernist discourse and examined as potential examples of a transition into fresh, uncharted territory. 8 BIT insists that in the 21st century Game-Boy rock, machinima and game theory belong together and share a common root: the digital heritage of Generation X.