NMF REVIEW: Cultura y Media
Eduardo Navas:

REVIEW: Cultura y Media: En Construcción, A preview of things to come, by Pablo Hadis and Alejo Petrucci


Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, 'Llamadas'

Something has been gathering steam in Buenos Aires. An ambitious project to create one of the largest new media exhibition and experimentation centers in Latin America is being developed and implemented at the Centro Cultural San Martin. The building is conveniently located next to the traditional Teatro San Martin in downtown Buenos Aires, and has been known through the years for offering a wide range of cultural activities.

Culture & Media: Under Construction; is the first edition of a multi-disciplinary exhibition that focuses on art and technology and makes the renovation and expansion of the San Marti;n Center (which is expected to be finalized in two years) part of the exhibit itself.