A Blog that Dreams

Blogimpsest: My blog is a Janus head, a 2-faced web0.0 monster. On one side it does what you would expect from the barest of bare-bones blogging systems (no HTML-formatting, no RSS-feed) but on the other side it does have a mind and purpose of its own; it is a blogject. Both faces share the same memory-filled palimpsest-styled head. A head that as a whole is a little mind, a symbiotic alliance; these two faces need to help each other to make the most of the limitations of their common resource. It is an experiment in grassroots AI...

Current Map of Blogimpsest [above image]: Each cube represents a segment of a colour-coded memory. Each black dot represents a free segment. While the palimpsest has free segments entries are added from left to right and from top to bottom. When filled, dreaming commences (and the blogject will eject-text) to make space. This results in chains sharing a segment and releasing one in the process. The neat crystalline order inside the memory that exists in the beginning will slowly become chaotic. See history of growthof palimpsest.