Call for Rhizome Site Editors

Marisa Olson:

Dear all,

We've recently seen some turnover among our Site Editors (formerly known as 'Superusers'), with some inactive members stepping down and some becoming "Emeritus." At this time, I would like to add four new Site Editors to our roster--and more in the future. I'm hoping that some of you will be interested in getting involved.

It would be ideal to bring on people who are familiar with new media art and have a background of involvement in the Rhizome community. One of our goals with a collectively-edited reblog was to have a diversity of voices representing our diverse field, something that only happens when people are able to fully commit to this volunteer position, which entails reblogging at least ten items per month. Community participation is crucial to the Reblog's success, and I thank you for considering this commitment. Below is the official 'job description.' Please email me, off-list, if you are interested or have any questions.

Rhizome's Site Editors play an important role in determining the content that appears on our website. Each Site Editor actively researches and publishes texts on our front page Reblog, including select posts from the Rhizome Raw discussion list, which Site Editors evaluate for merit, quality, and historical significance. Each of these texts is permanently archived and the discussions, announcements, reviews, essays, and other posts published from Raw are assigned searchable "metadata" terms by Site Editors, published to the Rhizome Rare discussion list, and posted on the Reblog. Site Editors are then actively involved in historicizing and initiating discourse about new media art.

Thanks, Marisa

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Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art