Interview with Marie Sester

Sester_best.jpgMarie Sester is a French media artist based in Los Angeles. She began her career as an architect, having earned her master's degree from the Ecole d'Architecture in Strasbourg. Her interest, however, shifted from how to build living structures to how architecture and ideology affect our understanding of the world. Her work investigates the way a civilization originates and creates its forms. These forms are both tangible --such as signals, buildings, and cities-- and intangible, such as the aspects of values, laws and culture.

Quoting a profile of Sester written by Holly Willis: 'What do these signs, these forms, these things that surround us mean?' asks the artist. 'What do they say about ideology? About capitalism? I realized after I finished my degree that I was interested in architectural forms on all levels, from the concrete elements such as city streets to ideological values, and how they evolve together.'