Resistant Maps, conference in Genoa 25-26 November 2006

Resistant Maps,
artistic actions in the interconnected urban territory.

Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum,
via Jacopo Ruffini 3, Genoa (Italy)
25-26 November 2006

Resistant Maps, artistic actions in the
interconnected urban territory is a conference
and exhibition produced by the 'Leonardi V-Idea'
Association (Genoa, Italy) and curated by
Alessandro Ludovico, Gianfranco Pangrazio,
Tommaso Tozzi, Marco Villani.

The representation of territory holds a
historical role in the privileges of power.
Geographical data has always been in its hands.
The regaining of this representation goes through
description and sharing practices (often in
personal perspectives too). This is possible
thanks to collaborative tools and the consequent
value shifting of maps. Maps are not granted
anymore by structures of power, but built by
individuals who, drawing on the ideas of the
psychogeographical movements, redraw the urban
space according to fresh new coordinates.

- Conference:


4 PM - 7 PM

Nicola Bucci
Sandro Ricaldone
Tommaso Tozzi
Decoder (Raffaele Scelsi)


10 AM - 1 PM

Alessandro Ludovico, "Maps to the People"
Wikiartpedia (Tommaso Tozzi)
Cartografia Resistente (Lorenzo Tripodi)
Guerrigliamarketing (Andrea Natella)

Lunch break

3:30 PM - 7 PM

Vittore Baroni, "Functional Schemes, Creative
Diagrams, Psychic Maps, from mail art to United
FUNtastic Nations"
Arturo Di Corinto, "You're here!"
Franco 'Bifo' Berardi, "Projections"
Brian Holmes, "Network Maps, Energy Diagrams"

Further essays sent by Giuseppe Chiari, Gianni
Emilio Simonetti and Mirella Bandini.

- Exhibition:, 'Vopos'
Cartografia Resistente, 'Triangolazione'
Les Flottants, 'Lasciare libero il passo'
Giuseppe Chiari, 'Musica verità', 'Suonare la città', 'Che cos'è un happening'
Vincenzo Agnetti, 'Spazio perduto e spazio costruito'
Guy Debord, 'In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni'
Ernesto Fialdini, Matteo Dentoni, 'Debordare'

This exhibition has been organised with the
support of the Genoa City Council, the Genoa City
Council Head of Culture, the Villa Croce
Contemporary Art Museum and the Association
'Amici dei Musei'.

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