This weekend is the sonic.focus conference at Brown University in Providence RI. I will be on a panel as well as performing.

The description on the sonic.focus website

sonic.focus is a project that examines complementarities and antagonisms between sound and image in contemporary culture. Starting with film & video screenings on October 20th and 27th, the events will culminate in a conference and performance series to be held at Brown University on November 3 and 4, 2006.

This program is prompted by the emergence over the past decade of an auditory culture that parallels the dominant visual culture. Among the phenomena that signal this emergence are: the increasing presence of sound in visual arts exhibitions and venues; the proliferation of visual and media practices in which sound is central to meaning; and the development of a body of theory that examines the nature, history, and circulation of sound as a useful social or conceptual model.

The aim of the conference is to foster a fruitful dialogue among theorists and practitioners working at the intersection of the visual and the sonic arts. Keynote speakers will include David Toop, Diedrich Diederichsen, and Douglas Kahn. Panels will include presentations by Christian Marclay, Renee Green, Stephen Vitiello, Steve Roden, and others. Finally, two nights of performances will include appearances by artists such as Tony Conrad, Robert Lippok, AGF & Sue C. and David Shea.

sonic.focus is organized by Tony Cokes, Roger Mayer, and Christoph Cox


The panel discussion i am participating in is Saturday Nov. 4
11:30-1:00 Christian Marclay, Michael Bell-Smith, Daniel Perlin, AGF/Sue C.

and the performance is that night of the 4th as well:
Daniel Perlin, Art Jones, Philip Sherburne, Tony Conrad
If you are in the area, or not, it looks to be a really great conferece, with some serious heavy hitters in the area of sound art practice and theory…