Paul Slocum Deep House for Symphonic Band

Paul Slocum Deep House

Paul Slocum, Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir, 2006. Slocum explains on his blog, "It's a dance club hit written for symphonic band and choir. The music plays on the speakers in a loop (about 4 mins long) and the entire score for all the instruments is pinned to the wall between two Sylvania Gro-Lux fluorescents." The music ([5.6 MB .mp3]) is great; a very full, lush orchestrated sound, compositionally minimal but soulful, like the best deep house on vinyl, but with a Steve Reich vibe in the use of symphonic instruments and voices. I like that the score is presented as a series of abstract marks on the wall, a la Sol LeWitt (lighting by Flavin), but that the marks actually correspond to something you can hear with your own ears, both in real space and virtually, by virtue of being published on the Net.

Updated a couple of times, with more words and a link to the tune.