Art You Can Listen To, Music as a Game: Photos from Cybersonica

Continuing our coverage of the uber-cool Cybersonica Festival, here’s some quick eye candy. It’s just as interesting to watch how people interact with the sound art installations, from the sound “gate” with its nice blue light to the interactive shadow puppets, or this more analog mechanical installation.

Curator Chris O’Shea tells me he’s getting lots of press, much of it from the UK gaming publications. That just demonstrates how this technology can bridge worlds: not only is the Guitar Hero creator there, but the common theme of many of the works is turning music and art into a game. And, dispensing with all the theoretical gobbledygook you could spout about “involving participants,” this stuff looks wicked fun. I’d love to see this kinds of shows happen in other parts of the world aside from London and New York (bet you would, too).

Sonic Arts Exhibition, Flickr Photoset by escolate

Cybersonica sound art show slides from Flickr
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