Eryk Salvaggio



MySpaces is a project about the projection of the self that we must make onto social networking sites such as friendster and myspace. Usually, this projection reduces us to a few paragraphs designed to be read by anyone. This project is an attempt to create a real sense of physical intimacy, by changing my top 8 to reflect my relationships with various parts of my own body.

In theory, the idea is the first step towards the "myspacing" of the intimacy of a sexual act, where the connections of body parts are seen as connections of the associations one has with the body parts. i.e., if another participant created a similar project, and we charted the relationship between both of our body parts through the lens of our individual relationships, quite literally a kind of intimate sexual encounter would emerge between the two of us, as the profiles of our body parts communicated with one another through the comments board on each profile. [posted by Eryk on salsabomb]