New Media at the ICA


Body, Space and Cinema

In London's ICA, Body, Space and Cinema, an exhibition featuring selected works by artist Scott Snibbe will open this weekend.

- Theatre and Bar -
Scott Snibbe will be showing three interactive installations, including large-scale body-centric physical installations, Outward Mosaic, premiering at the ICA and Visceral Cinema: Chien, to the interactive sculpture, Blow Up, first shown at Ars Electronica in 2005.
Known around the world for his beautiful, simple and yet brilliant pieces that engage with visitors of all ages. For inspiration or sheer enjoyment this is an exhibition that's not to be missed.

Sat 13 May - Sun 28 May 2006.
12noon - 7.30pm daily

- Digital Studio -
Combining intelligent computer programming with a playful ideas and a philosophical approach to the world we live in his work is simple and yet very engaging. Scott's work includes, emergent behavioural patterns of ants in Myrmegraph, a means of drawing with stars in Gavilux and the simple physical but chaotic system of a pendulum swing in Tripolar. This sample from the breadth of his work, gives an insight into his practice and demonstrates his profound influence on other artists working in this medium.

Fri 12 May - Wed 31 May 2006.
12noon - 7.30pm

Artist's Talk on Saturday 13th May - 3pm
As part of his first UK exhibition, Scott will present recent works that explore interaction between cinematic projections and viewers' bodies along with his most recent work, Blow Up, which amplifies human breath as a large field of wind. He will discuss the philosophical divide between language and visceral perception that motivates his creation of interactive media art.
There will be time for questions after the talk.