IMAGE WAR: Contesting Images of Political Conflict

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Contesting Images of Political Conflict

Examining recent artistic practices that explore media representations of war and conflict.

May 19  - June 25, 2006

Friday, May 19, 6-8pm

Organized by the 2005-06 fellows of the Whitney Independent Study Program:
Benjamin Godsill
, Stamatina Gregory, Katy Rogers, Susanne Sæther

The Art Gallery of the Graduate Center

The City University of New York
365 Fifth Ave @ 34th Street
gallery hours: Wed-Sun 12-6pm

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Participating artists:
Willie Doherty, Claire Fontaine, Coco Fusco, Rainer Ganahl, Joy Garnett, Johan Grimonprez, Jon Haddock, Amar Kanwar, An-My Le, Din Q. Lê, Radical Software Group (RSG), Tamiko Thiel and Zara Houshmand

IMAGE WAR brings together artistic responses to the mediation of images of war and conflict in our current digitized media culture. It focuses on strategies of appropriation of mass-disseminated images of conflict, many of which have received an iconic status due to the mass media's extreme packaging and filtration of images since the first Gulf War. The works in Image War remix, transform, or mimic images from the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the U.S. internment of Japanese-Americans, hijackings, popular uprisings, recent American military interventions, and other violent political events.

Saturdays 2 pm


Alex Galloway and Joy Garnett

The artists will discuss strategies of media appropriation related to their own practices.

Tuesday, May 23 7-9 pm
Martin E. Segal Theatre

Coco Fusco's Operation Atropos

The artist screens her new video Operation Atropos and leads a question-and-answer session. This video, making its New York debut, documents Fusco and several of her students participating in the activities of a field course in U.S. military interrogation techniques, which involves an immersive simulation of the POW experience.

Tuesday, May 30 7-9 pm
Martin E. Segal Theatre


The artist collective leads a locative radio performance through sites of mainstream media production in midtown Manhattan. Bring a portable radio and your walking shoes.

Thursday, June 8 5:30 pm
Departs from the lobby of The Art Gallery of The Graduate Center, The City University of New York.

All events take place at
The Graduate Center
The City University of New York
365 Fifth Ave @ 34th Street