Yesyesnono contains Oli Laruelle's sound responsive generative art and visual computational experiments. Using mainly proce55ing in a live setting he produces complex sound visualisations with quite some variety and beauty. CVC, recently performed at London Dorkfest, has a painterly quality about it, almost like a living cubist painting. It runs in perfect synergy with (and responding to) the music of Chun Lee aka Sonicvariable who Olli collaborates with under the name of Cracktux. Both artist/musicians are heavily involved with Openlab, a collection of sound and visual artists using open source tools. If you are in London this weekend check out Open Lab #2 (2nd April) - An evening of audiovisual innovation with opensource. Cracktux as well as a many other interesting experimenters will be performing and the price of admission is £0.00!

Extra: Recently I worked with Olli on an interesting project for BBC Radio1.