Metaphorical pixel fundraising for Galician diaspora fund-raising project is set up by the Galician non-profit Association "Fillos de Galicia�" ( responsible since 1997 for the most important online community for the Galician descendants from all over the world (more than 3,000 registered members). Galicia is located in the NW of the Iberian Peninsula and has a large diaspora (like the Irish or Hebrew ones) which keeps a strong ethnic identity and cultural tradition.

Knowing about Alex Tew's MillionDollarHomePage project, they thought about a way to adapt the same idea but with a local and metaphorical turn. Pixel-ads are located on a map of Galicia and people can choose the square-ads near their place of origin. This is intended to create the first virtual representation of Galician people worldwide, and when finished it would become a visual metaphor for Galician heritage in the world, like a kind of abstract geography translated to a pixelized collage.

Galician emigrants and descendants take their places of origin deep at heart through generations. This geo-emotional locations are placed for the first time in an online map which translates this dual identity of the Galician residents and the non-residents. This means a circle that closes the historical trauma of Galician emigration through the last centuries. It's a virtual bridge which brings back together these two halves of the Galician soul. As pixel squares are sold and filled with images from residents and emigrants, the gray borders of incommunication disappear, building piece by piece a new integrated national identity.

With the money they expect to gather from Galician people living in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Portugal and many more countries, this association wants to hire more workers to help them improve and manage their successful and free sites: the main one, has more than 50,000 unique visitors per month in these days. Their declared goal is to reach a definite sustainability and independence for 10 more years.

Project brief in English (pdf)