Stamps Field Trial

Mauro Cherubini from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne is looking for testers of STAMPS (System for TAgging Messages, Post-Inferential Semantics).


This little application allows you to leave notes on a map using your mobile phone. You can see a map of the place where you are, visualised on the screen of your mobile. There, you can write a kind of SMS and attach it to the map so that other friends can see your message appearing on their map. All the messages left in the system say something about the city where you live: what are the sport locations, the place to eat, the meeting spots. After a while, all these information will be used to help the users to "navigate" the city. You can ask the system, for instance: "where is a pizzeria nearby?", and the system will search for other people's messages which refer to the term pizzeria to give you an advice.

If you are selected for the first trial all the connection costs that you will have to use the system will be reimbursed. If your telephone is not compatible with our software, we will give you a new one for the period of the trial. The most creative and active participants will be awarded with a monetary prize.

To apply, send an email to shoutspace[at] with your coordinates, your telephone model and your operator. If you apply with your friends you will have more chances to be selected. Please add the coordinates of your friends to the message.