Early American Computer Animation
Cybernetik 5.3 John Stehura & Googlepex - Lillian Schwartz

As part of the Bits in Motion group of events (A sub-set of Node.London) you can check out works by some of the pioneers in the field of early computer animation. The two programs in March at the National Film Theatre 2 on London's South Bank deal with trans-Atlantic experimentation, the first on Thursday 2nd March explores filmmakers from America. Curated by Gregory Kurcewicz, expect to see some rarely screened gems from Lillian Schwartz, John Stehura and John Whitney.

'The development of the computer as an animation tool inspired a period of radical innovation in techniques and visual form. By the late 60s, there were a number of filmmakers using the new 'dream machines' as their medium, often exploring new aesthetics that had no precursor in the history of cinema. This programme features work by film-makers who overcame the constraints of low memory and primitive interfaces to create works of lasting beauty.'