NODEable Nexus

London has long been a hub for art in emergent media, but at times its activities might have seemed more quiet, due either to the geographic expanse of the city or its cross-pond distance from an often US-centric new media 'scene.' With the new NODE.London initiative, there's no denying the diversity, energy, or prowess of this arts capital. The project is the result of important ongoing activity, now culminating in a month-long series of collaboratively-promoted exhibitions, performances, talks, and events that illustrate 'creative and experimental uses of communication media and technological innovation to express ideas and stimulate action in public.' Partnering 'nodes' in this notably non-hierarchical collective range from major spaces like the Tate and ICA to many smaller grassroots cultural catalysts. NODE.L is calling itself 'a citywide expression of creative momentum to mark the ascension of Media Arts as the popular culture activity for London.' Fortunately, those outside of the UK can also peek in on this flurry of activity and the issues raised by the works presented, by visiting the group's online project archive, which includes a range of engaging print-on-demand essays and calls for virtual participation. - Marisa Olson