David Clark's work
Alex and Fiona lock eyes.
Jim Andrews:

Here is some fine work by Canada's David Clark:

A IS FOR APPLE http://aisforapple.net "A is for Apple is an interactive work that investigates a cryptography of the apple. Using an ever expanding series of associative links, the work looks for hidden meanings, coincidences and insights that stem from the apple. This leads to a vast web of references from western metaphysics, popular culture, the history of cryptography, ideas of language, and psychoanalytic theory."

MEANWHILE http://meanwhile.ca "Godard once said that a film must have a beginning, middle and an end but not necessarily in that order. MEANWHILE explores new ways to detour from the well-trodden path of narrative by giving the viewer a choice at the end of each scene as to which direction in time they want to move in the story. The nine scenes in this screwball comedy can be seen in any order; each path revealing the intricate interconnectivity of the characters follies, obsessions, and ambitions."

LIKEWISE http://chemicalpictures.net/cp/likewise Works in pairs of videos. Intriguing. Lots of videos here.

RIDDLED WITH THE STINX http://riddledwiththestinx.net/stinx

PERSONAL SITE OF DAVID CLARK http://chemicalpictures.net/cp