Raising the Reblog Bar
I think it is high time the critique of the art and technology reblog is revisited, or rather the A&T reblogger, since this technology like any other software is only as good as its "superuser". Consider this post a call for a greater effort within the discipline. Eyebeam has been the worst offender in recent months since they publish something from the same sources -- Make, Boing Boing and Treehugger virtually every day. Rhizome fairs much better on this, though I still end up looking at We Make Money Not Art more than twice a day for no other reason other than I visit both sites. This sort of thing is great for those who don't already read the blogs listed, but given the demographic these organizations target, I would place that ratio at roughly 2 boing boing newbies to every 1000 reblog visitors. I have a news reader for these sites, I don't also need a reblog.