Individually Reactive Space

PICAMOTICS is conceived as an individual public navigation system in which an individual's presence and movement in a space is interpreted and responded to by the system. The resulting 'individually reactive space' knows its visitors. Tracking their positions it can follow movements and draw conclusions from individual behaviours.

Picomotics is also referred to as a "collaborative platform for interactive surroundings". In addition to navigation, proposed applications include educational scenarios where individuals are assigned attributes which, when they interact with others, demonstrate abstract concepts in a playful and social manner.


For example, "visitors represent basic mathematic operations such as division, multiplication etc. by walking through a field of numbers. If, for example, the visitor representing an addition of 8 meets the visitor representing a division by 2, the result of their meeting will be 4. Abstract laws of mathematics become tangible."

The system uses infrared camera tracking from above. The floor becomes a trackpad and display. Audio "sound showers" can also be supported. ipunkt (second image) is a similar responsive navigation system with a bit more depth on the development process.