Sound Visions exhibition


Sound is image is sound

Contemporary experience's conversion to digital is undeniable, the nomadic aspect of (new) technologies has become complete ubiquity and today everything can be thought of as zeros and ones, as information in its most abstract and immaterial version. Having that in mind what happens to the apparently ontological difference between sound and image, audition and vision?

Sound Visions intends to show this crumbling down of the differences between these two distinct modes of acess to reality. Andre Gonsalves and Andre Sier work from that place where it is impossible to define where one strats and the other ends. They use each one of those modes to stimulate the other, causing a generalized undefinition, from which it is no longer possible to tell what is cause and what is effect, if it the sound generating the images or if it is the images that are causing the sounds. The spiral is endless, sound is generating images that generates sound that again generates new images. the system replicates itself, always in interaction with the audience, pulled into the vortex of events taking place.

Sound Visions is a project developed specifically by the Upgrade! Lisbon for the Village Festival

Sound Visions
Andre Goncalves/Andre Sier
Sala do Risco
June 16 - July 15
Tuesdays to Sundays, 10h00-19h00
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