Image Culrure City Festival - YOKOHAMA EIZONE -

EIZONE@BankART1929, "GLOBAL BEARING" by Norimichi Hirakawa, exhibited at CHIKYUTEN.

"YOKOHAMA EIZONE" will be held from July 22nd. It is a culture event of images linking to the city, and you can experience the latest film art by visiting historic monuments in waterfront areas in Yokohama city.

In Yokohama city, "culture art urban design" is promoted as a measure emphasizing on creation of urban areas with culture and art. The opened culture and the beautiful city landscape are better suited for doing creative works. In order to gather the image culture industry, such as CG which is expected to high rate of growth among a creative industry, game, broadcast, movies and education institutions, with this environment, it has already been started with Graduate School of image, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and business institution.

There are two main sections in this festival; "EIZONE picnic" that everyone can touch and enjoy looking round without constraint during this summer vacation, and "symposiums" with Japan's top-class industrial participants searching for the possibility of new market in the image culture industry. By combining resources and attraction of Yokohama, and sending the most advanced image culture, it promotes Yokohama's original "image culture urban design".

Participated artists include Norimichi Hirakawa and Yushi Ito, who made an animation "Nyakki (caterpillar character) and clay of a music video for Hikaru Utada's "traveling".

Image Culrure City Festival - YOKOHAMA EIZONE -
Date: 22nd - 30th July, 2006
Place: Historic monuments around Nihon Univ. street, Basyamichi, and other waterfront area.
EIZONE picnic: ZA*IM annes, BankART 1929, and more.
Symposium: Hamagin Hall viamare
Contact: Yokohama EIZONE executive
Tel: +81-3-3481-7920