Inside jokes are rarely funny to a general audience, but in French internet artist Jimpunk's 'DVblogH4ck,' the public is invited in on the joke. Dvblog.org is one of the web's most popular Quicktime video sites. Such a distinction might imply that its content would consist more exclusively of memes, but the vlog is actually loaded with new and classic artist's videos. This balance made it perfect fodder for Jimpunk, who recently started his own vlog where he posts remixes of Dvblog videos. The increasing popularity of video websites might seem to enable anyone with a US$20 Quicktime Pro account to make movie magic, but Jimpunk's hacks are highly-polished gems resulting from various strains of shredding and pixel-popping. Each takes the medium's realist tradition for a ride and yet maintains an index of its origin. Adding to the fun is English artist Michael Szpakowski, co-manager of DV Blog with Doron Golan, whose 'DVblog H4ck B4ck' remixed Jimpunk's remixes until these indices of origin gave way to abstract geometries of light and color. Collectively, internet users are given three times the stimulation of a single screening. Start in the middle and work your way out. - James Petrie