Hexasion II


Here's a nice event going on this weekend that my friend Andy Brown is putting on. The picture above is a still from my animation piece.

Hexasion is a quarterly listening/viewing party at the Portland Art Center where we play experimental audio and video from local and international artist. Beer and wine will be available. We're very excited about this event where we will present works by:

Daniel Menche - intense audio experience
Paint and Copter - mesmerizing audio/video haze
E*Rock - tripped out animation
Loscil - beautiful, hypnotic sound and visuals
Sunn 0))) and Boris - insane heaviness, world premier track from recent colaboration. Visuals by Jason Frank.

Where: Portland Art Center, 5th and NW Couch (Goldsmith Building)
When: Saturday, June 17th, 8:30 - 10:00 (early so you can go out afterwards!)