Geeks in the Gallery: An Interview with Artists Tom Moody and Michael Bell-Smith (Part One of Three)


"Geeks in the Gallery" is a three part discussion with artists Michael Bell-Smith and Tom Moody , which will run on Art Fag City from Monday June 12 - Wednesday, June 14, 2006. A recurring theme of the talk is how technology informs artistic production, as both artists have individually exhibited work usually described as New Media, yet also seem somewhat skeptical of "tech art." Moody's "Room Sized Animated GIFs" at artMovingProjects in Brooklyn is comprised of animated GIFs projected or displayed on variable sized CRT monitors/tube televisions, plus a looping movie of the artist performing a computer-fabricated (but realistic-sounding) "guitar solo." The show dates are May 5th - June 25, 2006; it can also be viewed online on the artist's site. Bell-Smith's exhibit "Focused, Forward," closed last week at Foxy Production Gallery and included digital animations steeped in the aesthetics of '80s and '90s video games, a print depicting collaged patterns that create a virtual Tower of Babel and a game table-like video sculpture with a simulated radar graph of birds circling over the White House. Show dates were April 27 -June 3, 2006; it can be viewed online at . Comments this series are welcome, and will be hosted on Tom Moody's blog. [More....]