The Re:Project tracks deja vu experiences by mobile phone
La-Reproduction-Interdit_me.jpg The Re:Project is a technological probe and visual database of recounted moments of deja vu experienced by you.

Signs planted around San Francisco pinpoint exact locations of previous moments of deja vu, and are color coded in relationship to which type of phenomenon occurred there. On each Re:Project sign is a URL and GPS coordinate.

By using a mobile phone, you can text message your location and any relevant information/ description of your experience to the URL provided.

This catalogues your deja vu experience, and connects you to the Re:Project community, where you receive text message notifications of the deja vu phenomenon as they occur around the city.

Each text message includes the location of the occurance and a statment or question, which is meant to challenge your established understanding of the site and provoke a new, or at least different, view of your environment.

Have you experienced Deja Vu? if so, take this survey.