From Installation to Itinerary

Remote--Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania; 3-23 June 2006: 'Remote' brings together artworks by five artists that connect the local and global through digital media --Susan Collins (UK), Pete Gomes (UK), Derek Hart (UK/Tas), Nancy Mauro-Flude (Tas/Netherlands) and Martin Walch (Tas).

These artists explore their relation to the real world and their works demonstrate how that transaction might be constituted today when any firm sense of presence (real space) and immediacy (real time) is exacerbated by technologies that problemmatize notions of nearness and remoteness, such as the televisual, tele-communications and global positioning systems. What is a common point of departure for all is a confounded sense of place and proximity. The resulting inventory includes screen and projection-based moving image work, webcast transmissions, site-specific interventions and locative media.

Curated by Vince Dziekan (Monash University, Melbourne), the exhibition's distinctive scenography is characterised by its distribution across the Plimsoll Gallery and its surrounding environment. This incorporation of other locales in the immediate proximity of the Centre for the Arts into the overall sweep of the 'expanded' exhibition results in the transformation of the exhibition from being experienced as an installation into something more likened to an itinerary.

This is further supported by the addition of a locative media artwork by the artist/curator created specifically to direct and focus the exploration of this broader 'ecology' of spaces. The work promotes the mobility and agency of the viewer by linking distributed media contents to a series of locational markers that situate this narrative across the 'in-between' spaces of the exhibition.

The exhibition experience is supplemented and extended by an exhibition website, designed by Superbia. Extensive information about the artists and inventory is available, plus descriptions regarding the exhibition's scenography and locative media aspects. Two essays have been commissioned for the online catalogue: a curator's essay by Vince Dziekan and a contributor's essay by Scot Cotterell (Tas).

For a press package or more information, contact: Vince Dziekan [vince.dziekan[at]]