C.STEM conference (Part 1)

Looks like Italy is finally warming to art beyond Botticelli and Umberto Boccioni. Last weekend MixedMedia brought pixels, electronic music and experimental installations to the Hangar Bicocca in Milan, in July BIP will "build interactive playgrounds" in Arezzo and yesterday AB+ in Turin was hosting the C.STEM conference, an event dedicated to the cultural circulation of generative and procedural systems in the field of experimental digital art.

The event was organised by 32Dicembre, Teknemedia, Fabio Franchino and moderated by Domenico Quaranta. Every single person involved in the event seemed to be genuinely interested in the subject and they knew what they were talking about (something which shouldn't be taken for granted in Turin when it comes to digital arts.)

I had read about generative art but listening to the artists discussing their methods, motivations and explaining how they work with code gave me a better grasp on the genre. [More....]