FILE opens soon

From August 14 to September 3, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo will welcome the seventh edition of FILE, the Electronic Language International Festival. Organized by a nonprofit of the same name, FILE is a cultural organization whose purpose is to disseminate and develop arts, technologies, and scientific research, through exhibitions, debates, lectures, and courses. Taking place at SESI’s Art Gallery, this 20-day event will feature projects falling under the domain of netart, artificial life, hypertext, computer animation, real-time teleconference, virtual reality, software art works, games, interactive films, e-videos, digital panoramas, and electronic or robotic installations that will be presented in interactive and immersive rooms. In addition to the central exhibition, FILE also includes three other activities: the FILE Symposium, a meeting point aiming at debating the relation between digital culture, art, science and technologies; FILE Games, a gigantic online game, where one can share his or her inner self, and where the massive amount of interactions among participants tries to eclipse the very game; and FILE Hipersonica, several audiovisual experiences departing from Sao Paulo but with a global immanence in the network. All in all, it's a great excuse to visit Brazil. - Luis Silva