Emergences 2006 Festival


New Artistic Forms and New Media

Emergences 2006 Festival: New Artistic Forms and New Media :: September 29th - October 1, 2006 :: Maison de la Villette :: Performances | Concerts | Installations | Shows | Conferences | Works in progress :: International festival dedicted to electronic cultures and emerging artistic forms, Emergence brings together, ever year in Paris, French and international actors in digital creation (cultural centers, art groups, research labs, multimedia production firms...) all gathered around a prolific and international artistic program at the crossroad between performing & visual arts, multimedia, design, architecture and electronic music.

Every couple of years, Emergences takes part in the biennal Villette Numérique event. This year, video game is the spearhead of Villette numerique which is to happen at the Cité des sciences et de l�industrie (all to know about video games: history of, demonstrations, displays, meeting and debates), at la Géode (movies and musics with 180°) and at la Maison de la Villette (Emergences festival).

This fourth edition of the festival asks the question of artistic diversion of everyday objects by invinting artists to express their position vis-à-vis the market place of the information society (video game consoles, cell phoning, GPS, web services, videoconferencing...) and especialy the video game culture.

The program is revolves around evening events at la Maison de la Villette: shows, music lives, performances, animated films inspired by video games and twisting their codes and esthetics; around an artistic process dedicated to the "Game art" which will spread from la Maison de la Villette to the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie thus connecting the two spaces. At daytime, conferences and works in progress are going to supplement this artistic programming.

Lastly, somewhere between Paris and Strasbourg, Emergences is once again getting off its territorial borders to develop arty ties with its partner "Les Nuits Electroniques de l'Ososphère", a festival in Strasbourg which takes place over the same period: simultaneously program network creations and performances, numerical experiments, live retransmissions and ephemeral radio in the two events.

All in all, they are more than 30 artists who are to participate to this new edition of Emergences: Marcel.lì Antùnez Roca, Marnix de Nijs, Yan Duyvendak, //////////fur///, Habbo Hotel, MEC (Motards En Colère), the art group Exyzt,...

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