Satellite Jockey


djing Goggle Earth

"If music is about time, Satellite Jockey by Rick Silva is music sparked off space. The perceptive revolution enabled by Goggle Earth is the one of being able to visually navigate most part of the world (including your own neighborhood) through satellite photos. This overwhelming new perspective (a sort of 'God' omnipresent view) is rewriting in the users of this software the spatial coordinates, and the awareness of being in one place, that becomes the center of the universe of choice. Satellite Jockey is a performance that uses Goggle Earth navigating the world's surface through the Google's generated stream of data using it as a source material for audio visual performances. The represented territory, in the software various forms, is then the (infinite) stage on which the performance take place, zooming, flying over, turning around pixel corners or drowning into abstract minutiae. The music follows the visuals, strengthen the vague mood of being ubiquitous and lonely. The author is performing regularly and a preview of one of his latest remixes debuted at the last Futuresonic." [posted on Neural]